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Windy Thai Style Sparring Gloves


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Windy Thai Style Sparring Gloves

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Windy Muay Thai sparring gloves are handcrafted in Thailand with multiple layers of protection.

›Dense multi-layered foam padding
›Attached thumbs and convenient hook & loop closures
›All leather construction

Customer Reviews

Pretty solid gloves Review by Kin
These were the first decent gloves that I've ever owned. They lasted me just under a year, training 5-6 days a week.

I found the hand compartment to be very spacious, which was convenient for wraps. Sometimes, however, it felt like my hands were floating in there -- but maybe that's just because I've got baby hands.

The padding was decent, but not the thickest. It's somewhere between everlast and twins in terms of thickness, and it's pretty soft. The overall width and bulk of the gloves serve to disperse force, so you can still pound on your partner without too much remorse.

Once broken in, the glove is very flexible, which is very convenient for clinching and catching kicks.

My biggest gripe was the durability. When the gloves started to die on me, they started tearing at the cuff and foam would fly everywhere (ie: in my face) when I'd hit things. Until their breaking point, however, they served me well and it's definitely a solid purchase. (Posted on 8/24/2012)

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